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Restomod / Pro Touring

What Does "Restomod" Mean?

However you spell it, Restomod, Resto-mod and Resto Mod all mean the same thing.  From the words restore and modify, it’s basically taking a classic car or truck, keeping most of the original look and adding modern technology, dependability and comfort to make it more fun to drive.  Now if you’re looking for ultimate performance in handling and horsepower, Pro touring is the answer.

With a Restomod, the goal is to retain as much of the original look and feel while upgrading its performance, comfort, dependability and safety.

Restorations or restoring to original condition is usually the least expensive way to go.  Many collectors prefer the vehicle to be as close to the condition it came off the assembly line as possible.  However, they do not drive as well as newer vehicles and lack many of modern comforts such as air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power windows, etc.  Building your car as a Restomod solves these problems and makes it fun and dependable to drive.  Many Restomods end up with a higher value than an original car.

What is "Day Two Look"?

Another term you may hear is the DAY TWO LOOK.  Day two is basically adding aftermarket parts that were available when that car was new.  Intakes, carbs, mufflers, wheels, etc.  Its still nostalgic, period correct and popular with guys who had that classic car when they were younger and modified them.

Pro Touring

A Pro Touring car is the next step up from a Resto Mod.  Way more custom, higher horsepower, better handling and capable of racing autocross.  Many times a Pro Touring car will have a custom interior.  These are usually scratch builds from the ground up.  That can also be the case with a Resto Mod, but many Resto Mods are solid cars that are upgraded as opposed to taking the car completely apart and rebuilding.


Why do some of those Pro Touring cars cost so much?
Besides that many of those parts are pricey, a Pro Touring car can have 1000’s of hours in it. The longer it takes to build the more it costs.

Do Resto Mods use the stock wheels?
They can but typically you would upgrade the wheel/tire combination to a larger diameter wheel.

Do I really need to upgrade the suspension if I’m not going to race?
Older cars usually have a lot of play in the steering wheel and have body roll when cornering. It makes the car feel like it’s floating. Basic suspension upgrades such as lowering, sway bars, shocks, steering boxes, etc. will make a huge difference in drivability.

What if I’m interested in a certain car/truck but don’t know how to go about finding one?
We can help you locate the right car and arrange to have it inspected. We do it all the time.


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