Build From Scratch

There’s nothing better than building a car/truck from scratch, exactly the way you want it, your favorite colors, wheels, drivetrain and options.  The process of building a car is time consuming.  Below is the basic process:

Step 1


Each vehicle starts with a vision. We help you decide the best parts to use based on what you want out of the car. The vision normally changes slightly during the build.

Step 2


We take the car completely apart all the way down to the last bolt.

Step 3

Organizing and tagging

As we disassemble, parts and bolts and tagged, bagged and labeled so we know where each piece came from.

Step 4


Parts that we will reuse are cleaned, the majority through media blasting.

Step 5

Chassis and suspension

Based on the vision, we begin modifying the original chassis or start with a new aftermarket. We then mockup the entire suspension.

Step 6


It’s time to mockup the drivetrain, locate motor and transmission mounts and get them welded in. This is also a time we can begin to locate and run fuel and brake lines.

Step 7


Now we can set the body back on. This will help us determine any fabrication needed such as firewall, floor, core support, etc. The goal here is to basically assemble the car, line up the panels, do all body work while the car is bolted to the chassis.

Step 8


Here we go again. The entire car/truck comes back apart in preparation for final assembly.

Step 9


Based on the vision, everything except the body goes to paint or powder coat.

Step 10


This is the best part, putting it back together. The entire chassis is reassembled and the drivetrain set in.

Step 11


The body is set back on, aligned, bolted down and sent to paint.

Step 12

Final assembly

After paint, the vehicle is wired. It still needs to be color sanded and polished prior to the trim being installed.

Step 13

Inspection and testing

A thorough inspection is given to fit and finish, bolts tight, etc. We like to put at least 100 miles on them to work out any bugs.

This process can involve 100’s or 1000’s of hours. Those cars you see built on TV many times took a year or more to complete. We can help you decide what level car you want.

Are you going to drive it? Show it? Our specialty is exceptional cars that are meant to be driven.

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